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    Boost your business with the best technological infrastructure

    Through specialized technical consulting, Engine is capable of deeply understanding your business and identifying its specific needs. Based on this knowledge, our highly qualified team can recommend the best solution in infrastructure, technology, and applications to drive your business forward. Utilizing the most advanced tools and methodologies, we ensure that you will have the best technological infrastructure to support the growth and innovation of your company.

    How do we enhance your business strategy?

    By providing strategic insights that shape our clients' ongoing success, Engine works to be a growth and trust partner. Aligning your strategy with processes, applications, technologies, and infrastructure, we adopt a business model aimed at optimizing your operations, delivering SAP solutions to address each challenge.

    Business Process

    Business Process

    We offer solutions that aim to enhance all the processes your company possesses, seeking to make them more effective and aligned with your business objectives.



    In the application layer, we implement software solutions that will enhance the efficiency of back-office teams, people management, warehouse monitoring, and data analysis.



    When it comes to technologies, we offer the very best in RPA, Big Data, AI, Blockchain, and Machine Learning to make all operations smarter and more automated.



    In infrastructure, we transform your environment into a mission-critical space, ensuring that all processes and operations flow smoothly without any interruptions and with all necessary security measures in place.

    Engine follows you throughout your journey to success

    From understanding your problem to finding the ideal solution, we support your company through every phase of the project, providing all the training and support necessary for you to make the most of SAP technologies.


    With a comprehensive portfolio of consultancy services and project implementation for SAP solutions, we provide consultative projects encompassing feasibility analysis, implementation, process redesign, and ERP alignment diagnostics to your business, ensuring higher professional maturity.


    Your company will be free from the complexity of adopting an enterprise management system, enjoying the best ERP in the market without concerns about licensing, upgrades, maintenance, implementation, investments in hardware, software, network, physical space, data center, security, among other aspects.


    We have extensive know-how, proven by the PCoE certification (Partner Center of Expertise), granting us the title of Center of Excellence in product knowledge, with appropriate procedures and standards fully aligned with SAP requirements. This helps maintain a high standard for your company.


    Our training programs are designed to prepare professionals to make the most of SAP solutions in the Cloud, driving intelligent transformation within their organizations. Learn to master the tools and strategies necessary for business success.

    Engine: SAP Specialist

    Engine is a pioneer in implementing SAP through the SaaS (Solution as a Service) model. This product enables clients to enjoy the functionalities, compliance, and technologies of SAP S/4HANA without initial investments.

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    SAP Gold Specialist

    Customized SAP solutions for your market segment

    In the era of digital transformation, Engine stands out as a strategic partner, providing specialized solutions across various market segments. With expertise in SAP, our team enables everything from efficient process integration to advanced analytics, driving efficiency and strategic decision-making.



    Technology companies turn to SAP due to its ability to integrate processes, efficient management, and scalability. In this scenario, Engine adds extensive experience, providing comprehensive solutions to companies in the sector to optimize operations, from supply chain management to advanced analytics, boosting efficiency and enabling strategic decision-making across various areas of operation.



    With our team of experts in SAP S/4HANA solutions, combined with Engine's experience gained from projects in the Services segment, we work to ensure that our clients achieve significant gains in the management of purchasing and inventory processes, enhancing control and accuracy of information through automation and intelligence provided by the implementation of SAP solutions.



    Our experts in the Pharmaceutical Industry have aligned their sector knowledge with SAP project experience, creating the Engine for Pharma reference model, which includes: an integrated management system, an implementation project accelerator, best practices, the robustness of SAP with SAP S/4HANA, and Engine's expertise in the segment, enabling your company to execute its processes securely.



    Engine holds specialists with experience and expertise in SAP solutions for the Distribution sector, particularly in: SAP S/4HANA; EWM (Warehouse Management) and TM (Transportation Management), ensuring that our clients enhance process quality, improve governance, and increase efficiency in traceability of information and document controls.

    Consumer Goods

    Consumer Goods

    Engine's experience in the Consumer Goods segment, combined with the high expertise of our team in SAP S/4HANA solutions, not only ensures timely and budgeted project delivery but also addresses the specific needs of the sector. This guarantees that our clients increase efficiency on the factory floor and provide a satisfying purchasing experience for their audience.



    With a dedicated team focused on telecommunications, Engine brings extensive experience in Telecom verticals such as Infrastructure and Mobile Virtual Network Operator, providing customized SAP solutions for the sector. These solutions are capable of automating FUST and FUNTEL tax calculations, as well as issuing Model 21 and 22 notes and registering the respective files.

    The efficiency of our solutions is proven through the success of major companies

    Check out our cases:

    One of the largest Brazilian manufacturers of small household appliances.

    “Our intention was not to stall processes, avoid pauses, or incur losses, and we even managed to optimize our results.”

    Joab Brito

    Mondial IT Head

    Leading a digital revolution in its processes and seeking a more robust ERP aligned with the company's growth roadmap, Mondial chose Engine as a partner for the implementation of SAP S/4HANA in the cloud.

    This project encompassed all the necessary structure to make the system effective and aligned with Mondial's routine, through a long-term partnership with comprehensive assistance, which from the outset, brought surprising results:

    of operational functioning throughout the entire transition, without interruptions or losses.

    of reduction in IT costs following the implementation of SAP S/4HANA.

    of growth in its monthly revenue just six months after system implementation.

    Renowned brand focused on vegan and cruelty-free beauty products.

    “In the first full year of system usage, the company recorded a 30% increase in sales, followed by an impressive 56% increase in the last year.”

    Jaqueline Vasconcellos

    Chief Administrative and Financial Officer at Lola Cosmetics

    In 2018, Lola Cosmetics shared with Engine Brasil the need to promote the integration of their data and business processes, aiming to enhance transparency and decision-making. At the time, the company was expanding its operations throughout Brazil, requiring greater logistical and financial efficiency.

    It was in this context that the company chose to adopt Engine Brasil's SAP as a Service (SaaS) and, today, 5 years after the solution implementation, Lola Cosmetics continues to reap great benefits:

    of growth in sales in just the first year of using the solution.

    of integration of the system into the company's logistics sector.

    monthly invoices issued, thanks to the high level of automation implemented.

    Brazilian leader in the mass timber industry

    "The choice of Engine Brasil was influenced by market recommendations and synergy with Urbem's sustainability values. Engine Brasil stood out by quickly understanding Urbem's specific needs and how the company operated."

    Urbem l Engineered Wood

    A Brazilian leader in the mass timber industry, in 2023, Urbem began implementing SAP S/4HANA and Sales Cloud as a service provided by Engine Brasil.

    The chosen version was the standard one, capable of accelerating implementation, ensuring efficiency within a reduced timeframe, benefiting the management of the entire company, and organizing as well as expanding access to data - functionalities that currently enable teams to act strategically.

    Enhanced Efficiency 
    The SAP solution will significantly boost Urbem's operational efficiency, providing a comprehensive view of its business.

    Data Organization 
    Urbem will gain the ability to organize and manage critical data related to its production processes.

    Decision Making 
    The integrated system will empower management with data insights, facilitating informed decision-making across various functions within the company.

    Specialist in automotive and agricultural additives

    “We were able to establish a much more robust governance. I can deliver reports and data to the board overnight.”

    Paula Bonadia

    Chief Administrative and Financial Officer of Petroplus

    Being one of Engine's oldest clients, Petroplus, specialized in automotive and agricultural additives, has a robust operation. In a bid to enhance its overall control, they chose us as partners for the implementation of SAP S/4HANA.

    Before the solution's arrival, the company faced several challenges, especially in delivering a reliable balance sheet to stakeholders due to their decentralized process. But today, the scenario has changed; with a record-breaking implementation time of just 3 months, Petroplus has witnessed fast changes in its management, such as:

    Data traceability
    Unlike the parallel controls used before, SAP S/4HANA brought total traceability to Petroplus's financial data.

    Solid governance 
    The SAP solution has increased credibility with clients and suppliers, solidifying the company's position in the market.

    Report extraction 
    The reports generated through the system instill the necessary confidence in the company's board, also elevating the value of the finance department.

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